Our history

In 1959, Marseille family, current owner of the Domaine de Chantegut, inherited 10 hectares of land and cleared it to plant the first AOP Vacqueyras vines.

The following year, 4 hectares of vines were acquired around the Château de Tourreau (Sarrians) as well as a building which is today the winery.
In 1974, the eldest son of the family took over, with his wish to develop the domain and more particularly, the bottle.

He then made several adjustments, enlargement, modernization of the cellar and material investments …

The winery is located in the main farm building, an old silk plantation – a silk worm farm – from the 18th century.
Now, the domain extends on the path of the Dentelles de Montmirail “Mons mirabilis” and Mont Ventoux the “Giant of Provence”.

It totals 55 hectares, therefore around 20 hectares in AOP Vacqueyras and 35 hectares in PGI Mediterranean.